Priapus Chandelier


Swallow&Bone also work on larger scale projects, such as the recent construction of a theatrical entity of functional art; ‘Priapus’ Featuring a wealth of skilled craftsmanship, this product provides titillation for any social occasion.
Drawing stylistic influences from the fetish and bondage industries, this chandelier features six hand-sculpted phalluses cast in translucent resin, which radiate an atmospheric light. The chrome studs, mounted on hand-stitched leather, emit a strong white beam from fibre-optic tips, and subtly located within the base of the chandelier are further powerful LEDs which can be dimmed to perfectly suit the environment. The top and bottom tiers are linked by leather straps and rows of chains which add a shimmering dexterity to the design of this product.
Using the collective skill of several Cornish makers, to combine these components of the chandelier, this product prospers from the support of local talents, focusing on an extreme attention to detail where quality is concerned. Having been uniquely designed and crafted by Swallow&Bone in the quaint, rural county of Cornwall, this beast it is ready to be unleashed.

Follow the Priapus chandelier on it's grand tour and read more in our latest November News article:

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Price on enquiry. Postage : Chandelier is boxed and delivered on a pallet; quotation per enquiry. Materials: Cocks; Translucent resin with led's in base, hand sculptured. Studs; High quality chrome plated, fiber optic light at tip. Leatherwork; Hand made by saddler, English leather, hand stitched. Chain; Filed edge nickel-plated chain. Lighting; Powered by 48 1wt Lugion high quality low voltage led's 50,000 hours usage, fiber optics, dimmable mode