November News! - Chandelier Tour

As we move into November, we have some very exciting news for our Priapus Chandelier...It's on the move and we have been invited to take part in some deliciously erotic events! We would also like to announce that following the 2010 Erotic Awards in London; Director, Tuppy Owens has nominated Swallow&Bone's Priapus Chandelier for a 2011 Erotica Award!!

The Grand Tour: 

First stop - Amsterdam! November 13th - Event: Wasteland Party (this is not for the faint hearted but absolutely perfect for our twisted, erotic piece! The party is definitely a feast for the eyes, described as "probably the wildest party on earth" - Penthouse, and "Seriously twisted Sci-Fi Surrealism with a hard-on" - Micha Klein (Video Artist). How can you resist?! Take a look for yourself...if you dare!

Next stop - London - November 19th-21st - Event:  Erotica "Three days of sexy, stylish, seductive fashion and fun at London's Olympia..." An amazing event to feature our chandelier - see more details on the above link or watch take a look at this clip about the event:

And then... Back to Amsterdam! - December - Location: Sexy Art Gallery If you were not able to catch sight of this piece before now, get on over to Amsterdam 'Sexy Art Gallery' to see the chandelier surrounded by lots of other delectable works of art! This will be it's home for a few months unless you decide to make it part of your own home...why not add a little excitement to your christmas?! 

*PRIAPUS CHANDELIER IS FOR SALE (Limited edition of 25) - If you would like more info please contact us directly for pricing/shipping details etc  -Email:*